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Welcome from Denmark's Ambassador in Sweden

Welcome to the Embassy's website

I started to work at the Embassy in September 2019 and appeared for the Swedish King on the 7th of November 2019, which meant that I could formally call myself Denmark's Ambassador in Sweden hereafter.

Denmark's diplomatic relations to Sweden date back almost 400 years, so I humbly follow the footsteps of many ambassadors. The first 200 years were characterized by gloomy periods with many wars, but Sweden and Denmark have luckily gotten a closer partnership throughout the past 200 years, and the current Danish-Swedish relation is extremely good. Today, Denmark and Sweden are close partners with close ties - both politically and economically, but also between the populations.

Sweden is a popular holiday destination for the Danes - and vice versa. A considerable trade between our two countries exists. While Sweden is the biggest export market for Denmark measured per citizen, Denmark is the second biggest market for Swedish export goods. Based on our common values and history, we often seek the same goals internationally - an international system based on right and collaborations rather than power and conflicts.

To be Denmark's Ambassador in Stockholm is a dream job for me. I worked in Stockholm in the end of the 80s as a young student and has followed the development of the sister country ever since. Therefore, it is with great pleasure, that I now stand in front of the Embassy's work to support and continue to develop the good partnership between Denmark and Sweden. This covers the political, the economic, the consular and the cultural area.

Previously, I have been an ambassador in Singapore. For the past couple of years, I have worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Copenhagen, where I have been
the Head of Trade Council Denmark as well as Head of HR.

Previously in my career, I was expatriated to the Embassy in Wien and the UN-mission in New York.

I am looking forward to meeting many of you in the coming years.

Kind regards,
Vibeke Rovsing Lauritzen

Denmark's Ambassador in Sverige