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Digital Creative Advisor

The Danish Embassy in Stockholm is looking for a Digital Creative Advisor - Impact

Position: Digital Creative Advisor
Deadline: 04/06/2021
Location: Danish Embassy, Jakobs Torg 1, Stockholm

The Trade Council at the Danish Embassy in Stockholm is looking for an experienced, enthusiastic and ambitious Digital Creative Advisor to support Danish companies within Industrial Design, Service Design, UX, Digital Design and Branding in their internationalization efforts and in creating business opportunities with impact in Sweden.

The Digital Creative Advisor is part of the Danish government’s strategy to support knowledge sharing and network to help Danish SME’s and startups within Creative Industries. The main goal is to strengthen the internationalization of the Danish creative industries and pave the way for export of Danish design solutions and digital creative formats.

This position is part of a united digitalization effort from The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You will be part of the newly started global network of Digital Creative Hubs in Shanghai, London and New York with a team leader in Copenhagen. In your daily work, you will cooperate with the teams of the Trade Council in Stockholm working within Digitalization, Urbanization, Energy, Environment, Industry, Tech and Health.

Job description

We are looking for an experienced team member with a strong local network and a deep knowledge of Innovation by Design, Sustainable Design and Digitalization. The Digital Creative Advisor will be identifying new opportunities and building new business models/offerings on the Swedish market by bringing these to the Danish creative companies. This could be within the field ‘Impact’ covering Industrial Design, Service Design, UX, Sustainable Design, Digital Design and Branding.
Your job will also be to strengthen and develop the local network with both public and private players and creating awareness of the Danish Design Solutions and Danish Creative DNA thus paving the way for the export of Danish creative solutions and services.
The long-term success criteria for the Digital Creative Advisor is measured on the number of value creating and business oriented projects executed for Danish companies. In addition, the short-term success criteria will be on network activities, key strategic projects and knowledge sharing with the team and through digital channels.


- Research, identify and qualify local Swedish partners for Danish companies.
- Share knowledge on the strongholds of Denmark within Digital Design, Sustainable Design and Industrial Design Solutions with Swedish partners and stakeholders.
- Proactively engage with Danish companies and present them with concrete business opportunities and a strategy for bringing their products and services to market.
- Create valuable partnerships and assist in creating sales for Danish creative companies through your network in Sweden.
- Develop and deliver strategic projects focused on creating new business and value for the Danish companies.
- Research and analyze opportunities and competitors in the creative industries.
- Organise and execute both on-line and off line events.
- Communicate broadly through streaming activities and SoMe.

Required Qualifications

We are looking for an open minded, positive and extrovert team player who is flexible and enthusiastic, with an eye for quality and consistency in the daily work. The candidate has the capability to initiate and coordinate new opportunities with the existing initiatives in close cooperation with the teams in the Trade Council and to deliver tangible results.

Key qualifications:
- Deep understanding of Design as Enabler/Innovation by Design.
- Established and broad network within Swedish Industries, R&D departments of big industrial companies and/or the public sector.
- Experience with business development, B2B and B2C combined with a strong commercial sense.
- Experience in working with international companies as well as executing consultancy services in the public and or the private sector.
- Understanding of the challenges and opportunities for new business models created by the need for Urbanization, Sustainability and Digitalization.
- Proven project management skills.

- Business and/or sector specific degree (minimum BA level).
- International experience, possibly from studies or working abroad.
- Excellent command of English and one Scandinavian language - both oral and written.

The Digital Creative Advisor will get the opportunity to develop strategies and business models in collaboration with both small and large firms. The job will expand your network and your relations within a broad range of Danish businesses and Swedish partners. You will be fully integrated into the Trade Council Stockholm team and the Danish Embassy and work closely with the Global Digital Creative Hubs team in The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We offer a challenging work environment where you need to combine a high degree of independent drive with teamwork and with the compliance needed in a public organization. You will be working with some of the best Danish design companies and support their expansion in Sweden.

The position is time limited until the end of 2022. It is a local employment contract and the salary is based on qualifications and on the salary frame of the Danish Embassy in Stockholm.

Application: To apply for the position, please send your CV, a one-page written application in English and 1-2 references to jobstoamb@um.dk. Please mark the application Digital Creative Advisor

Deadline for application: 04/06/2021

The subject box of the e-mail should read “Digital Creative Advisor”.

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